SEO Consultant Bob GladsteinActually, this section is more "About Me" than "About Us". I'm Bob Gladstein, and I am Raise My Rank Search Engine Optimization Services.

I began doing SEO work as the webmaster of a software company in the suburbs of Boston. My job there started out being about cleaning up errors in the code, adding new content, and looking for ways to get our potential customers to find us. This led to my discovery of the concept of search engine optimization, through a newsletter offered by the makers of a software application I used. Through my own research, I found other sources, spent a lot of time studying (as I still do), and eventually everything I did with that site was based on the concepts of SEO.

I'm now a freelance SEO and SEM consultant. I still do the occasional design of new web sites (including this one), but I don't consider that my profession. I consult with companies, individuals, and organizations on both new and pre-existing sites, doing all I can to make them as good as they can be and to send them increased traffic from exactly the audience they seek to serve.