Does the Anchor Text of a Second Link to a Page Count?

I'm publishing this page just before the calendar ticks over to the twelfth of August, 2009, to see if the anchor text of a second link on a page to a given target page will help that target page to rank for that anchor text.

I'm already linking to my "About Us" page in the navigation menu above. It appears before this text, both in the source code and visually on the page. But I feel it's important to stress just how utterly bashtiloquent I think that page is.

We'll just have to see if the search engines, in their great wisdom, feel the same way about it.

Update, August 17

As of today, this page is indexed by Google and Yahoo and is being returned as the sole result on both for searches on the word in the anchor text.

Update, August 21

Google is still just returning this page for the search on the word. Yahoo returns nothing, but does return this page when I run the search combined with the site: operator. Bing still has not indexed the page, although links to the page in the Articles section menu do appear on Bing's cached copy of pages in this directory, as do the links in the body of this section's default page and the site map.

Update, September 19

This page is finally indexed by Bing. Searches on it, along with Google and Yahoo, return this page and this page only, even if I specify a search on this domain.

Update, October 7

Yahoo search result

As you can see from the image above, Yahoo is now returning two results for the search, and the page that serves as the target of the link is coming up before the page that contains the word in its body. I've checked via Site Explorer, and the only page outside this domain that they report as linking to the page is my profile on, and that page does not contain the word in question.

Google and Bing are still returning just this page for the search (and Ask is returning no results, in case you were wondering), but at this point I believe I can safely state as fact that Yahoo will recognize the second link on a page to a given target page.

Update, November 21

As of today, Yahoo is no longer returning two results for the search. The only page returned is this one.

Update, April 10, 2010

Let's try a variation on this test.