Search Engine Optimization Services and Rates

There are many steps to fully optimizing a web site to perform better in the search engines, and it can take time to see consistent results. Obviously, I prefer to be given full control over the process and do all I can to improve a site. However, if you are working with a limited budget, or you would prefer to go through the process a little at a time, feel free to treat the items listed to the right as a menu rather than a road map.


Fees for my services are based on an hourly rate. While I am working on your search engine optimization project, I will provide weekly invoices which will also serve as status reports detailing every aspect of the process.

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Pro Bono

When my schedule permits it, I am happy to provide my services free of charge to non-profit organizations. All I ask in return is a bit of credit for the work -- a mention on your web site, the right to list your organization as my client, and maybe a recommendation to a friend. I must stress, however, that for me to optimize your web site for free, your organization has to be one I would be interested in helping. I won't get into my beliefs and politics here, but feel free to get in touch with me and we can discuss it.

The Iron-Clad Guarantee

Actually, there isn't a guarantee of results. In fact, if you're shopping around for search engine optimization services and find a claim that "guarantees" top-ten positioning on the search engines, I strongly suggest you keep looking. Either they don't know what they're talking about, or they plan on doing something that could get your site banned. It can take a lot of time and work to come back from that kind of mistake.

Every site's situation is different, and the amount of improvement an honest SEO can offer you has to be based on the current state of your site, the sites of your competitors, and how much you are willing to accept the suggestions of your SEO to make changes.

I can make only one guarantee: if you ask me to look over your web site and I fail to see any room for improvement, I won't take the job, and I won't charge you for the time it took me to come to that conclusion.