Content Editing

Once the research has pointed us in the proper direction, I will make recommendations regarding changes to the content of your site. The text will be rewritten based on the keyword phrases we have chosen to target. Proper page titles, headings, and meta tags will be created. Your image files will be given appropriate alternative text. I will do all I can to get your site to present the right information to the right people.

architectural detail

In many cases, I will recommend the creation of new content pages. These will serve both to make your site more useful to your target audience and to bring in traffic from searches on additional keyword phrases. These pages also often serve as magnets for inbound links.

Writing for web pages is very different from other forms of marketing, and I work with some of the best SEO-conscious copywriters in the business. Bringing one of them in to work on your project will increase its cost, but the results are usually well worth it.