Research for Search Marketing Projects

Research is a major portion of any search marketing project. We need to take a close look at your current site and those of your competitors. If other sites in your field are doing better in the search engines than yours, we need to see why. They may be spending a lot of money on advertising. They may have a well-known brand name and are taking advantage of that. They may be using certain tricks — such as spamming or cloaking — in an effort to fool the search engines into treating their sites as more relevant to certain keyword phrases than they really are.

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We'll look at the current state of your site and identify problems. Those could include sloppy html, unclear text, use of the wrong keywords, insufficient use of the right ones, or an over-reliance on scripting that makes it harder for the search engines' spiders to find what you want them to see.

I will also identify other web sites in your field which the search engines view as authoritative. Such sites can serve to give us ideas about the directions we can take your optimization, and some of them may later be useful in obtaining links to your site.

You know your business far better than I ever will. Because of this, we will have to work together during this phase of the process, as you will need to teach me enough about the people you'd like me to bring into your site so that I can target your site to them.